Council Chambers

Welcome to Council Chambers. Here you will find the contact information for city council and ward information to see which ward you are in.

Eleanor Dorn


(864) 338-1541

Mark Spence

Ward I

(864) 338-7773 ext. 108

Tony Saville

Ward II

(864) 338-5581

Brandy Vaughn

Ward III

(864) 338-7773 ext. 109

Josh Stephenson

Ward IV

(864) 353-0305

Lynda McCoy

Ward V

(864) 338-5447

Ricky Campbell

Ward VI

(864) 338-9227

The City of Belton has a mayor-council form of government. The first Tuesday of every month, the city council and mayor hold a City Council Meeting to discuss the cities current buisness, new ordinances, or any topics that can be found on the Agenda.