Council Chambers

Welcome to Council Chambers. Here you will find the contact information for city council and ward information to see which ward you are in.

Eleanor Dorn

Mayor Pretemporal

(864) 338-1541

Jim Bright

Ward I

(864) 338-4478

Tony Saville

Ward II

(864) 338-5581

Eleanor Dorn

Ward III

(864) 338-1541

Josh Stephenson

Ward IV

(864) 353-0305

Lynda McCoy

Ward V

(864) 338-5447

Ricky Campbell

Ward VI

(864) 338-9227

The City of Belton has a mayor-council form of government. The first Tuesday of every month, the city council and mayor hold a City Council Meeting to discuss the cities current buisness, new ordinances, or any topics that can be found on the Agenda.