To ensure that your brush will be picked up, don’t forget to follow these important DOs and DON’Ts and other brush collection guidelines

Brush DOs and DON’Ts

Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to set out your brush for pick-up.


You need to leave enough room for the mechanical arm of the Loader tractor truck to operate. You can stack your piles end to end, as shown above, or on top of one another. In general, height doesn’t matter, but all brush needs to be close enough to the curb or roadway for the truck to reach it. Usually only the driver travels with the truck; there are no other crew members to move piles or separate items that don’t belong in a brush pile.

If you have leaves and limbs that have not been picked up, please email or call 864-338-0058, x152.


  • Brush piles should not be placed close to mailboxes, utility poles, fences, trees or other stationary objects.
  • Place only limbs, branches and true yard waste by the curb for brush crews. Lumber, household trash and other types of debris found in your brush pile means it won’t get picked up.
  • Well-meaning citizens placed these brush piles too far from the roadway for the truck to reach them.

Brush and Yard Waste Collection Guidelines

When setting out brush, leaves and grass clippings for collection, be sure to follow the guidelines below.

Brush and Leaf Collection DOs and DON'Ts

Put brush out before the first day the trucks are scheduled to be in your Area. Do not stack brush against trees, fences, utility poles or other stationary objects.*
Place your brush where your garbage is collected but not WITH your garbage – preferably at the curb. Do not place brush, clippings and/or leaves where they can be washed into a storm sewer, catch basin or stream and clog up drainage systems.
Leaves and grass clippings can be put out with your limbs and other brush, but they must be bagged. Do not include limbs more than 4 inches in diameter, longer than 15 feet, or stumps with root balls and dirt. Do not include bamboo over 8 feet long.

*REMEMBER: The mechanical arm of the truck needs enough room to lift the brush pile up and into the trailer that is pulled behind the truck. Only the driver travels with each truck; no other crew members are there to move piles or separate items that don’t belong in a brush pile.

Brush and yard waste (grass, leaves, etc.) from commercial tree and landscaping services must be disposed of by the company and not left for collection by the City.(According to Belton City Code 42-22.) If you hire someone to cut your brush, be sure that the cost of hauling the brush, yard waste and other debris away is included in the price.